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Korina Kova - My Friend The Geek: Comic Con Try On

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2649   8 days ago
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2649   8 days ago
This was a custom and his name is used throughout a lot, but you are my geeky friend and I have invited you over to try on my costumes I have picked out for comic-con, I am so appreciative that you have come to help me and I notice you get hard, I I encourage you to stroke while I try on the costumes, on the 2nd one you ask me to get on the best and unload a huge facial onto me, I am mad because you got cum on my costume I clean my face up to continue trying more on, once I am on the 4th one I offer ti give you a handjob because I keep making you hard, you again unload on my face, now I stand completely nude and tell you to fuck me, we fuck and then you finish with another huge facial
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